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Lawyer's Letter--给老外的律师函(2)

Re: The so called “outstanding Payment” requested by Mr. John Stone and East Law Firm

                                                                                                   July 9 2008


Dear Attorney George and East Law Firm,


Referring to your letter dated June 25 2008, ASP reiterates as follows: ASP has never signed a Perennial Legal Consulting Contract with your firm.

ASP doesn’t know where the copy of the Engagement Contract came from. Despite ASP cannot accept its authenticity; judging from its content and Mr. Stone’s e-mail provided by you, the contract should not be a Perennial Legal Consulting Contract. Firstly, Article B of the contract shows the appointment period is from May 1st 2007 to 1st June 2007, has any person ever heard that a perennial legal consultant serves only for one month? Secondly, Mr. Stone quoted to Mr. Ben in the e-mail dated May 22 2007 that “if you sign a yearly legal service contract with us for RMB 22,200 you get 25% off the fee”. If you deem that East signed a Perennial Legal Consulting Contract with ASP on May 13 2007, why did Mr. Stone still try to persuade Mr. Ben into a yearly legal service contract with you on May 22 2007?


ASP has never confirmed the translation contract by e-mail.

To Mr. Stone’s offer of translation of 20 pages at RMB20,000, Mr. Ben responded, “I hope you remember that you start to work without my order placement. That’s means you didn’t give me the chance to deal with your offer.” Then how has the work contract been concluded?

Mr. Stone and/or East have never delivered any translation and/or legal service to ASP.

Mr. Ben and/or ASP have neither received the translation and legal opinion signed by Attorney George, nor used such an adjusted version of contract.


Please do clarify the ambiguous legal status of Mr. Stone in your firm.

The only person Mr. Ben contacted was Mr. Stone, but Mr. Stone, in the name of your firm negotiated legal business with Mr. Ben and ASP all the time and issued invoices to collect legal service fees, that convinces us that Mr. Stone must be a lawyer practicing in your law firm.


ASP reserves the right to request your refund of all down payments. And ASP hopes Mr. Stone could come to ASP to tell the very truth of the business.



Sean Law, Attorney at Law of

Fujian Cheng Yi Law Firm

Under authorization and on behalf of

ASP (Xiamen) Co., Lt




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